Feeling Out of Balance,

with multiple symptoms that doctors can't can't seem to resolve?

Do you feel like your body is out of balance? Do you feel like you're always stressed out?

We all know that feeling tired, anxious or depressed is not good for you. It can be caused by many different factors, but it's hard to find relief from these symptoms.

We all know that conventional medicine is great at treating symptoms, but it can be very challenging to find a solution if you have multiple issues.

Health is a precious commodity.

We spend time, money and energy saving for a future that will never come so that we can protect ourselves from a past that has already happened.

This unique program leans into the science and psychology around your MIND BODY BRAIN CONNECTION and rewires your identity for TRUE WELLNESS.

My Prescription for Change program is designed to help if your body is out of balance. I focus on three key areas detailed below.

Psychology of the Mind

Understanding our emotions, moods, and thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, is an essential aspect of changing behavior. During this program you will:

• Receive an easy to implement education on how to identify and control emotional/psychological triggers.
• Learn a variety of relaxation techniques, mindfulness exercises and enhancements.
• Gain the skills needed to live in an optimal way. This includes meal planning, self-care, setting boundaries around what is not for you .
• Leave with increased confidence as well as an improved sense of balance in mind and body.

Neurology of the Brain

You may know, changing behavior involves the brain, but did you also know that it deals with hormones and neurotransmitters? During this program you will:

• Address the root issues of pain and undue stress
• Take back control over your life with just a few simple tweaks.
• Learn to break from negative patterns.
• Master new habits to help you better manage stress before it has chance to take hold.

Biology of the Body

Accounting for our body’s response to stress is a crucial yet often overlooked component of attaining sustained behavioral change. During this program you will:

• Learn how to better manage your physical and emotional responses.
• Understand the science of how stress affects our bodies.
• Develop a system to identify and manage emotions.
• Discover the root cause of addiction or bad habits.
• Create a healthier lifestyle that will last long after the program is done.

Leave Flight or Fight Behind

Start this self study to reframe how you live your life and restore your body to balance

I realized while listening to a lecture at the Benson Henry Institute, that no one could really recover and heal their bodies if they were in a state of flight or fight. So many of us live in a state of high anxiety and stress that our bodies can't respond to any healing modality with success. During this program I make sure that you build the habits to start overcoming stress. That way you are in a state of mind body space to heal. A common example of this you will recognize  is when you walk outside, your brain releases serotonin which helps with anxiety and depression. So when you're out there in nature everything starts feeling better! This program is like a walk in nature for your life habits. Like a muscle we build over time. The exercises will deliver you step by step to a better body balance where your symptoms will start to clear.

Hack your Brain and Restore Body Balance

The 8 Key Identity Shifts in Prescription for Change

  • Identity Shifting

    Start and end each day with a relaxation technique. Change your brain, you change your life. The goal is a relaxed state so we start to “hear” ourselves.

  • Observing Abundance

    Observe abundance twice a day. Bring in gratitude and positive thoughts to bathe the brain in happiness Gratitude makes the right choice the easy choice.

  • Your Idealized Self

    Visualize your ideal self and elicit memories of when you felt this way. Pledge this identity to your conscious awareness upon waking & right before sleep.

  • Intentions

    Adding intentions and follow through, when neurons fire together they wire together. Create new brain habits to last a lifetime.

  • CBT & ONE

    Enrich your life by questioning old beliefs and allow the brain to desire. Use O.N.E.—Observe, Negate, and Echo—to turn old beliefs into new ones.

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

    Learn why meditation works, deeply connect with your true self and desires. You will integrate and discover new daily practices of mindfulness and meditation.

  • Nourishment

    Use nutrition to fuel and feed our body and our mind. You will learn to live the food = mood matrix which makes the healthy choice the easy choice.

  • Physical & Mental Health

    Embrace the notion of how “a body in motion stays in motion.” Explore yoga, Tai Chi, walking, and all forms of exercise until we find what works for you.

Your Instructor

Colleen Burns,
Author, Therapist, Mind Body Specialist

I started my practice, Restore Body Balance, after seeing first-hand how pervasive the lack of access to "whole health care" is in the 21st century. After much success using my "Integrative Health Counseling Programs" with clients, I decided to write a "self study" in a sense. In this course, Prescription For Change, you will not only tap into the psychology of behavior change but nourish it with science behind lifestyle counseling. Then, deconstruct the states that keep us stuck and learn how to use your lifestyle as medicine. 
I truly feel that I have discovered a prescription for change! Blending psychology, biology and neurology.
Colleen Burns
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Course Highlights

Each section contains narrated content, audio download and a Journal Exercise to keep you ON TRACK for BODY BALANCE

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome Video

    • Fill in to get your FREE Book/Journal

    • (Optional) Your Student Dashboard

    • How to Download the Journal Entries

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  • 2

    Introduction to Restore Body Balance Self Study

  • 3

    Identity Shift 1: Relax the Body, the Mind will Follow

    • Introduction

    • Breathing

    • Mindfulness

    • Weekly Journal Pages (Week One)

  • 4

    Identity Shift 2: Abundance

    • Shift 2 Introduction

    • Introduction Abundance

    • Abundance

    • Weekly Journal (Week Two)

  • 5

    Identity Shift 3: Wishful Thinking: Your Idealized Self

    • Shift 3 Introduction

    • Introduction-Wishful Thinking

    • Wishful Thinking

    • Weekly Journal (Week Three)

  • 6

    Identity Shift 4: Add an Intention

    • Shift 4 Introduction

    • Add an Intention

    • Add an Intention

    • Weekly Journal (Week Four)

  • 7

    Identity Shift 5: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and O.N.E.

    • Shift 5 Introduction

    • Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    • (>>>>>New Slides Record 21-24) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and O.N.E.

    • Weekly Journal (Week Five)

  • 8

    Identity Shift 6: Mindfulness and Meditation

    • Shift 6 Introduction

    • Introduction Mindfulness & Meditation

    • Mindfulness & Meditation

    • Weekly Journal Pages (Week Six)

  • 9

    Identity Shift 7: Nourishment

    • Shift 7 Introduction

    • Copy of Introduction Nourishment

    • Identity Shift #7 Nourishment

    • Weekly Journal Pages (Week Seven)

  • 10

    Identity Shift 8: Physical Health and Mental Health

    • Shift 8 Introduction

    • Introduction

    • Identity Shift 8: Physical Health and Mental Health

    • Weekly Journal Pages (Week Eight)

  • 11

    Conclusion & Next Steps

    • Congratulations Video

    • Congratulations

    • Book A Consult

  • 12

    Text Lessons & To Go Modules

    • Pro Tips for Mindfulness "To-Go."

    • Meditation To Go

    • My Story and Expertise

    • The Importance of Journaling

    • Technique One: Breathing

    • Technique 2: Incorporate Mindfulness

    • Technique 3: Meditation as an Added Benefit

    • Abundance

    • Introduction-Wishful Thinking

    • Dealing with Other Emotions

    • See Yourself Winning

    • Add an Intention

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    • O.N.E.

    • Example

    • Self Efficacy and Regulation

    • Summary

    • Introduction Mindfulness & Meditation

    • Types of Mindfulness and Meditation

    • Application with Previous Shifts

    • Beyond the Thinking Mind

    • Habituating Mindfulness

    • Anxiety and Worry

    • Science: The Nervous System

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy's Role in Mindfulness

    • Top down vs bottom up neural plasticity

    • Application and Bird's eye view

    • Introduction Nourishment

    • The importance of "the gut"

    • Anecdote

    • Brain application

    • My Latest Microbiome Research

    • Nervous System Application

    • Adding Mindfulness to Our Meals

    • What are you Hungry for?

    • Conclusion

    • Introduction

    • Think about How Good You Feel

    • Start Slow, Build Up

    • The Importance of Sleep

    • Group Activities and Social Well-Being

    • Traditional and Holistic Care Resources

    • Holistic Care Examples

    • Conclusion

    • Conclusion

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Prescription for Change is a holistic approach designed using integrative methods including nutrition, supplements, exercise and psychological techniques such as mindfulness meditation and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). Our program helps clients achieve true wellness through mind body brain connection strategies which heal the whole person rather than one isolated symptom. The program includes lifestyle modifications such as stress management tools like mindfulness meditation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for you?

  • When does the course start?

    Once you have enrolled you can choose when you want to start! The course is self paced so once you have started you can fit it around your schedule. Don't forget you also have unlimited access so you can revisit any part of the course at any time.

  • How long will it take to complete the course?

    It will vary from person to person and depend on a few different variables, for example how much you follow our weekly schedule! I would suggest you allow a week for each shift. There is plenty of content in the course and my advice is not to rush the learning process as it takes time to incorporate the shifts fully.

  • Do you have a guarantee?

    By doing all the shifts in this course, we are sure you will make great progress and start to see some symptom relief, but I am afraid because of the digital nature of the course I am unable to offer refunds. However if you have any questions about the course you are welcome to email me before signing up and you can book a private session at any time. My link is inside the course.